Warrior Tents


  • The most general and far-reaching standard package on the market.
  • Specially developed with the medical zone in mind.
  • Upright in just minutes.
  • Remains fully set for a number of days without needing any re-inflation.
  • Easy tent dock with Velcro fastener.
  • Original secure net in the roof area which enables flexibility for attachment of medical equipment Individual marking either on a separate cover or directly onto the tent awning
  • First aid tent at large events.
  • Operation control center for aid organizations.
  • Medical care tent for large-scale operations.
  • Screening facility for treatment of injuries.
  • Accommodation tent.
  • Emergency accommodation during evacuations.

Warrior Tents for Sale in

The Warrior tent is a barrel shaped frame tent with waterproof canvas covers.  The warrior tent can be used for various applications such as accommodation, mobile hospitals, kitchen and dining.

Warrior Tents Manufacturers South Africa

we included all these aspect in a stunning, yet realistic product to African countries. We prefer the most proper raw materials there must be exacting consideration and emphasis given to the realistic needs of the consumer, jointly with aesthetically beautiful features. Faster assemble and disassemble as well as easy handling Series supports you immensely in all operational situations. Select the tent size you require from four different models. Or erect complete tent towns using the docking tent.Warrior tent is perfectly equipped for various scenarios thanks to its optimum usable width and the well conceived functions.

  • Warrior Tents Specification

    Material: 440g ripstop Canvas (tear resistant/ uv resistant / waterproof)

    Colour: olive green sand

    Windows included with mosquito net

Flame Retardant
Tear Resistant
UV Resistant
Wind Resistant

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